An Amsterdam Restaurant Is Using Tiny Greenhouses to Keep Customers Apart

Image Credit: Instagram

Everyone is going to have to adjust going forward from this nightmare of a spring – restaurants, patrons, gyms, and every other kind of business under the sun. We’re going to have to figure out a way of doing the things we love while also keeping the people we love safe.

No one knows what that’s going to look like yet, but one Amsterdam restaurant is giving one thing a try – they’re putting little “greenhouses” around their outdoor tables so that every table of patrons is cut off from the others. Their food is delivered on a long, wooden plank (presumably that allows the server to stay more than 6 feet away.


The restaurant is the Mediamatic Eten, and they’re calling the concept Serres Separees (“separated greenhouses” in French). It’s located on an island dock in the Netherlands’ capital city.

Lockdown restrictions are easing in Amsterdam mid-June, which is when the restaurant will put their concept into practice. People will be required to reserve spots in advance and maintain social distancing parameters.

The greenhouses are, of course, only really appropriate for people who have already been exposed to each other in close proximity.


“We want people to still feel safe to eat together and share a meal. All the spaces are separated but people can still share the space and share food together,” said chef Giulia Soldati. “We will always be outside so it’s going to be safe. We are gonna wear gloves and a protection mask.”

The long wooden planks used to serve food – cleaned after each serving – mean the server will never cross the threshold of the tiny private spaces.


“It’s actually a challenge to redesign hospitality,” Soldati said.

It’s a mindset – and a challenge – that all businesspeople and restauranteurs are going to have to get into, accept, and rise to if we’re going to emerge stronger and healthy around the world.