An Employer Learns the Hard Way That Being Nice Is the Way to Go

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All of the time I’ve been reading revenge stories on Reddit, and I’m still surprised that more employers haven’t realized how much nicer and simpler and more profitable their lives would be if they just even pretended to give a crap about their employees.

This tow truck driver, for instance, would probably not have had time to do things like, I don’t know, research state laws on tow truck companies if he’d been treated like a human being.

At the beginning, his complaints were minor – he had to share a truck, and he had to sit where the boss dictated while waiting for calls.

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One day while he was sitting in said spot, he started to get angry about how little he was making, and also that his boss micromanaged things like using the air conditioner when it was hot and the truck was idling.

So he decided to start researching the state laws regarding his position.

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He found that, since the boss was forcing them to sit in specific places and not troll for their own customers, he was entitled to be paid by the hour, not by the tow.

And into his back pocket it went.

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Things began to get more ridiculous at the office, so he found a new job and decided to lay on the table what he’d learned from the internet.

Handy thing, that.

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As expected, Big Boss Man didn’t care about no law, and sent him on his way with his final paycheck (as the boss calculated it).

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The employee, though, wasn’t done – he reported the guy to the state labor board and sat back to watch it all burn.

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Better than the money? Maybe not, but it’s something.

Tl;dr: if you have employees, be nice to them. For like, human reasons but also because if you don’t, it will come back to bite you in the butt.

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