An Odd Detail on a ‘Friends’ DVD Cover Has Twitter Users in Conspiracy Theory Heaven


Remember Friends? Of course you do, it’s on 50 million times a day in syndication in every country in the world. The 1990s sitcom was such a huge part of the pop culture landscape, there’s literally NO ESCAPE from it.

Photo Credit: NBC

Maybe you’re such a big fan that have the DVDs of the show? Well if you do, take a very close look at the DVD cover to Season 4.

Photo Credit: NBC

Twitter user Ted Fox noticed something a little strange about the cover.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @thetedfox

Fox brought up a good point: why is Rachel the only person in the photo with her eyes open? Looks a little creepy, right? Fox’s discovery quickly went viral, and Twitter users across the globe are chiming in with their own theories about the reasons behind Ms. Aniston’s…pose.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Burghpunk

Photo Credit: Twitter, @darth

Other people joined in and decided to try to “name that Friends episode.”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Julie_Flory

Photo Credit: Twitter, @fMRI_guy

Some folks thought that while the other characters snoozed, Rachel was still thinking about Ross.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @MooPodcast

One Twitter user believes that the answer is clear: Rachel is obviously totally woke and a social justice advocate.

Some guy named Bob chalks it all up to coincidence.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Bobthe1der

This fella might’ve put a little bit too much time and effort into his explanation, but who am I to judge?

Hopefully the truth will come out at some point. What do YOU think?

h/t: someecards