Are They Wrong for Selling Their House Because Their Roommates Said They Were Being Ripped Off? Here’s What People Said.

Roommate issues can quickly spiral out of control, and things can get even more heated when one person in a living situation owns the home and others are paying rent.

And it seems like things got pretty complicated under this roof!

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AITA for selling my house since my roommates thought I was ripping them off?

“I own (have a massive mortgage on) a house in a HCOL city. I have four roommates. I have the basement suite and the upstairs bis rented to one couple and two single people.

They know I own the house and all of them were recommended to me by friends or family. I still required a lease agreement and security deposit as well as first and last month’s rent. I just was willing to rent to them at below market rate because i didn’t have to advertise or arrange for a property manager.

Between the four of them I collect enough to cover the mortgage and utilities with a little left over. I save my money and use it to pay for major repairs and maintenance.

We I will be starting a new job in a different city in the new year. I knew about this back in late October. I offered the couple an opportunity to take over the basement suite in the new year for a little bit more money. They would get a massive bedroom upgrade and a private living room, bathroom, and kitchen. They agreed and let me know that they were planning on moving out in one year so they would be willing to sign a one year lease.

I asked the two singles if either of them wanted to take the master bedroom that would be empty. They both declined but asked if they could turn it into a home office for them. I said sure but they would have to cover the rent for the room.

They think I am being unreasonable. Since I will be making more money off the couple they think I should keep their rent the same and let them have the room for free. I offered it to them for 80% of what I was getting before. They called me a selfish a**hole for taking all their money. Even if they took the deal they would still be paying less than market value for a single room in our city.

It turned into a huge fight with the people who referred them to me calling me a greedy a**hole for trying to suck money out of their friends.

I don’t need to deal with any of this. I found a property investor who was willing to buy my house and honor my current leases including the new one for the couple.

Unfortunately for the other two renters their leases are up in February and I imagine that the rents will be going up a fair bit. But that isn’t my problem any more.

So now everyone they know are angry with me because these two people will most likely have to move into a c**ppier living situation.

I feel bad because if I wasn’t moving I would stay and deal with it. But it is just easier to walk away.”

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