What’s the Most Dangerous Place for Americans to Travel? Here’s What People Had to Say.

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Because this is one of those topics that will get people really fired up and everyone has strong opinions about this.

Let’s hear what AskReddit users had to say about what they believe are the most dangerous places for Americans to travel.


“Mogadishu, Somalia.

The state department recommends that you update your will and discuss your plans for who should take on care of any dependents prior to travel.”


“Burkina Faso.

Islamic terrorism in the last decade, and then in January 2022 a military coup, which was quickly overturned, and then another military coup in September.”



As soon as you leave the airport you can be intercepted by criminals and even corrupt police to rob you or worse.”


“Parts of Mexico are scary as hell.

I used to live in a border town where Americans went across the line for medical and dental care.

It’s reached the point with the Drug Cartel v**lence and kidnapping that these offices have armed security meet the Americans at the border crossing, escort them to and from the doctor office back to the border.”

Right here in the USA.

“West Memphis, Arkansas.

They have a little main street corridor with not a single active business in there.


Don’t go.

“The odds of being taken as a political prisoner in Russia has likely increased considerably over the past year.

Would avoid unnecessary travel there.”

Be careful.

“The Dominican Republic because Dominicans there see Americans as bank accounts, if a white-skinned American leaves punta cana, he tends to be a victim of scam, robbery or even several friends can combine to take him somewhere and drug him.

There is a YouTuber I don’t know if he is American or Australian who traveled there and because the motorist he hired to take him to the neighborhoods had a heart and took care of him, but you could see through that camera that there were people who wanted to cheat him or even take extra money from him, not to say all the stares at him from everyone.”

Doesn’t sound too good…

“3rd and Pine St in downtown Seattle.

Locals call the McDonalds there “McStabbys.””

Dangerous cities.

“Memphis, Tennessee.

The most dangerous city in the US is Memphis. Don’t go there.

Followed by St. Louis and Detroit.”

Here you go.

“Guatemala. Honduras. Syria. Northern Ukraine right now. Brazil. Some parts of Africa.”


“The US State Department has a color-coded advisory system about how dangerous countries are for Americans to visit.

The highest level (don’t travel there for any reason) are: Venezuela, Haiti, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, North Korea, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Mali, and Burkina Faso.”

Hell no.

“I’ll never forget the time I (an American) was in Tanzania and trying to arrange passage to Madagascar via a shipping vessel (I met someone who knew someone who knew someone who could get me on the ship for very cheap).

Eventually, the captain told me he would grant me passage, but warned me that if pirates boarded their ship, they would likely take me with them and hold me hostage.

I didn’t fully trust that the crew/captain wouldn’t sell me to the pirates haha…so I never did make that trip. “

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