13 People Admit Secrets That Could Ruin Their Lives if They Ever Came Out

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AskReddit users opened up about their secrets that could potentially ruin their lives if they got out…

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1. Don’t get caught!

“I’m only working half of the time at work.

I have managed to create a facade that makes it look as if I would work full time on the project I was assigned to but it actually takes only half of the time. Sometimes it gets a bit stressful but most of the time I manage to organize everything in a way that allows me to do anything but my work at the office. On home office days I mostly play video games.

If I get asked how it’s going, I lie and deceit to make it look like I am fully tied to my work and the schedules and deadlines etc… I got really good at this, I guess I could lie about nearly anything now and most people would believe it.

If my coworkers or my boss would find out that I get paid for a full time job while only working roughly 20 hours a week I’d get fired immediately. Additionally I live in a small town and that would probably ruin my reputation at any potential new job.

I’ve been doing this for 2 years now…”

2. Don’t say a word.

“I’m the only person in my mother’s will. She never told me why, and I don’t think she ever will.

“Why would it ruin your life?” my family is unfortunately a sack of petty money w**res who happen to dislike me for alot of reasons ( the most notable being my s**uality. )

I don’t know why she chose me, But she did.”

3. Okay…

“I have been chatting with an AI of a questionable individual who is now d**d, pretending we are a couple.”

4. Uh oh…

“To pass my high-school graduation writing exam, I just wrote the story to “Gears Of War” because I didn’t study or prepare beforehand.”

5. Stealing on the job.

“I worked at a Chick-fil-A, and I literally stole hundreds of thousands points from people that came through.

I didn’t use do this because I wanted to but because my family needed too eat, and it was a rough time, literally would get 100-200 $ worth of food for free, I felt bad and I know it’s not legal but I did that.”

6. A bad partner.

“How utterly horrible I was to a former partner.

He wasn’t the greatest as well in his actions, being unfaithful and lying, but my words cut deep and I still regret how much and for how long I lashed out at him.

If I could go back, I would have left gracefully and peacefully. if the extent of it got out, I don’t know if I would be able to redeem myself… but I’m taking it as a lesson!”

7. Strippin’.

“I quit my job to become a stripper recently.

I have more quality time with my family, I am more financially stable, Ive gotten into better shape, and I dont have to worry about budgets or bills as bad. If we need something in the house, it can go on the monthly or the weekly lists depending on severity.

If hubs needs a new project, I can give him his guy time. If my kid is sick, I can afford the medicine. I dont have to worry about money, and neither will my family compared to my childhood where I spent my time extremely worried about whether wed have food, electricity, heat or AC, or tampons.

It feels good to be in a stable home, and even if I am stripping to do it Im happy to be able to provide for my family the way I am.”

8. Wow.

“I had s**ual interaction with my cousin when we both were young and drunk, never ever did we speak about it, it was actually my first time having s**.”

9. Keep it quiet.

“My ex- husband cheated on me in the worst way. He’s high-rank military. If I told his Command, he’d get kicked out.

It wouldn’t ruin my life, but would ruin my child’s life. I can’t afford health insurance, but he can. She would lose his benefits if I told on him.”

10. The truth comes out…

“I paid a guy to take some college classes for me online.

A+ in Chemistry too. I don’t even know what a proton is…”

11. Keep working on it.

“I’m still addicted to drugs.

As far as my family and friends know I’m 3 years clean.”

12. Broke.

“I’m disabled and almost d**d broke but everyone thought I made money in crypto so no one will help.

I never told anyone I didn’t pull out and got smoked. I’m about to be bankrupt

And homeless and kicked out if don’t make a little over $1000 in two weeks.”

13. Hope you’re doing better.

“Tried to commit s**cide during 2020.

One living person knows, no one else, if they did they wouldn’t look at me the same.

My mom would wrap me in bubble wrap and stop me from doing anything.”

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