Are Women Allowed To Wear Dresses Even When They Didn’t Shave?

Most of the time I try to stay neutral on these r/AmITheA$$hole posts until the end, but y’all, I need to warn you to brace yourselves for what you’re about to read. If you have triggers that include child abuse or sexual abuse, you want to proceed with extra caution.

This post was written by a 15yo girl who lives with her mother but has visitation with her father. On the day in question she had plans to go out to dinner with her father and grandfather for a birthday celebration.

She goes on to explain that she has naturally thick and coarse hair and chooses only to shave in the summer because it’s a pain (preach, girl).

Her father takes issue with this, inspecting her armpits (!!) and basically calling her gross if they’re not clean-shaven.

It’s me again with another stupid clothing dilemma, yay. This happened when me (15F) and my dad (44M) went to a restaurant with my grandfather (71M) because it was my grandfather’s birthday.

I only shave my legs and armpits in the summer because shaving takes a lot of time and is as annoying as hell. My dad forces me to lift up my arms and he makes puking noises if I even have stubble. I’ve tried explaining that it’s impossible for me to get rid of all the hair. I have mostly Mediterranean ancestry so I have a lot of thick, dark hair.

For the dinner, she wore a new dress but didn’t have time to go home and change her shoes, which she agrees weren’t the “most appropriate,” and though she shaved it wasn’t done with that much attention to detail.

Again, she’s 15.

Her father made multiple comments about what she was wearing even though she explained that she hadn’t been home to change.

I wore a new floral dress that I bought a few days before the dinner. My mom had dropped me off after we were in the car for two hours. Because of this the only shoes I had were doc martens. Not the most formal thing, but they were my only option.

I shaved the night before but I missed a few spots. My dad kept saying, “you shouldn’t wear shit kickers to a nice dinner!” He has a point but I already tried to explain all of my other shoes were at my mom’s house.

The dress he also complained about, and he said that my outfit made me look like Courtney Love (lol).

When he saw that she’d missed a few spots shaving he called her dirty, and now this poor girl wants to know whether or not he’s wrong or she really should have put more effort into her appearance.

Then, he saw the leg hair that I missed. He told me that I looked dirty and unprofessional. As I’ve mentioned, I explained everything to my dad.

However, I could have put more thought and effort into how I looked. I know that this is kind of petty, but AITA?

I am so, so ready for Reddit to weigh in here, so let’s go.

The top comment very simply points out that it is not normal for a parent to be so fixated and obsessed with their child’s body.

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Many people feel OP should take it a step further and minimize contact, because it’s not her job to look attractive for anyone, and certainly not for her father.

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A suggestion was made that she make herself as “gross” as possible as a protection measure.

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Sexual harassment should not start at home.

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Way out of bounds is the nicest way to put it.

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This poor girl needs to talk to her mother or someone at school and stop seeing this guy immediately.

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