Are You Always Starving Before Bed? Try these 7 Nutritionist-Approved Snacks

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Dieting, lifestyle change, whatever you want to call it – there is a laundry list of dos and don’ts for losing weight. There’s always a flavor of the month or fad diet, and you would be forgiven for being confused. A lot of diets even contradict each other.

Take Atkins: eat fats and protein but no carbs.

But straight eating clean: get in those complex carbs, veggies, and protein.

And don’t get me started on keto.

Sure, depending on your body type, blood type, etc, more than one or all of these diets could work. But the one thing these all have in common? Don’t eat before bed! Gasp!

But I’m hungry!

Me too. So what’s the deal? Do you chug a glass full of water to fill your stomach and suffer through a Netflix program until you fall asleep? Or do you have a snack?

Buzzfeed may have the answer. They recently checked in with “registered dietician Abby Langer and Despina Hyde, a diabetes expert at NYU Langone Weight Management Program, to find out.”

Apparently, it is okay to eat before bed! Whew…what a relief. It’s just what you eat that counts. Having a bucket of KFC is probably not a good idea. But fruit, crackers, or avocado toast (yum) could get you the nutrients you need PLUS settle that roaring stomach.

“Sure, your metabolic rate slows down a bit, but it doesn’t stop, says Langer. Yes, when it comes to weight management, it’s better to eat your biggest meals around the time of day you’re most active, but in general, your total calories matter more than the timing. And a reasonable snack that satisfies your hunger before bed isn’t enough to derail your healthy eating efforts.”

But I’m hungry every night before bed

If this is a consistent issue, chances are you’re not eating enough calories during the day. Also, check out your protein intake. If you’re eating a ton of carbs and fatty foods, this can cause your body to burn off energy too quickly, leaving nothing in your reserve while converting those calories to fat. Yuck. 

“Avoid a too-big meal, since your body will have to work harder to digest, which might actually keep you awake. But if your schedule leaves you with no choice but to eat dinner close to bedtime, Hyde suggests something that’s about 40% veggies, 40% carbs, and 20% protein.”

So what types of snacks are good to eat at night?

High fiber Cereal

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Who doesn’t love Babybel?

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Avocado or hard-boiled egg toast

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Bananas with peanut butter

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Greek yogurt with granola or fruit (or both!)

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A simple cup of cottage cheese with fruit, nuts, or crackers

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Fruit and nuts are perfect for a sweet craving

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So no matter the diet, remember: it is important to space out meals, get the proper caloric intake, and eat (healthily) when hungry at night!

After all, no one likes a cranky Netflix partner.