These “Shoe Twins” Have Been Waiting Their Whole Lives to Find One Another

Image Credit: Twitter

Although some people are definitely more into shoes than others, we all need them; they protect our feet from the elements and from stepping on dangerous objects, plus you can’t even walk into a McDonalds without them.

And for these two ladies, shoes have always been a hassle, because their feet are two distinctly different sizes – one is a size 7, the other a size 9.

Since they won (or lost, depending on how you look at it) the genetic lottery of the feet, Jessica Gray and Genene Maynard have spent their lives buying two pairs of shoes – but only wearing half of them.

That is, until they found each other after the news in Ontario, Canada, published a story about Jessica Gray looking for her “shoe twin.”

See, Jessica has a size 7 LEFT foot and a size 9 RIGHT – and Genene has the opposite.

Maynard had put some effort into finding someone who might want her leftover shoes, too, but never had any success.

“I have actually put out ads on Craigslist and Kijiji, and my mom has as well in Edmonton …and we’ve never got any bites.”

They were each born with medical conditions that affected the growth of their feet – Gray with Spina Bifida and Maynard with cerebral palsy.

“My right foot stopped growing at about 10 years old,” explains Maynard, “so my entire adult life I’ve always bought two sets of shoes. It’s been a financial burden, for sure.”

The woman connected on Calgary Eyeopener, and each are thrilled to have someone to share shoes with – and to have gained a new friend, as well!

“I’m so excited to be able to finally talk to someone with not only the same issue as me but the exact same issue as me, like the size 7 and the size 9, and like maybe we can do some online shopping together soon,” says Gray.

Image Credit: Twitter

“I was saying to my husband last night that I think we become like little penpals,” said Maynard, a sentiment echoed by Gray.

“I said those exact same words. I was like, ‘Mom, I have a new pen pal!”

The two also share a love of tattoos and bright hair colors, so you never know – a friendship as well as a mutually beneficial relationship could be afoot!