Artist Arkane Lowe Creates the Celebrity Mashups You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee

One of the best things about the internet is that artists have a whole, wide-open platform to expose us to thoughts and ideas that might never have occurred to us.

That said, we assume that they’ll use that power for good and not evil.

Once you see these images though, you’re not going to be so sure – because these mashups from @arkanememes are just not right at all.

12. Tony Hawk x Spock

I think we’ve found Tony’s new look.


11. Dr. Phil x Bill Gates

I honestly can’t remember what they look like separately.


10. Eminem x Tim Burton

You’re telling me this isn’t just a picture of Tim Burton?


9. Arnold Schwarzenegger x Barack Obama

Something about that mouth is not right.


8. Michael Jackson x Simone Biles

I’m sorry but this needs to go.


7. Fraiser Crane x Razor Ramone

He looks a lot happier now, I’ve gotta say.


6. Vin Diesel x Kurt Cobain

I am concerned for this artist’s mind now.


5. Napoleon Dynamite x Garth Brooks

Napoleon can pull off any look, I tell you what.


4. Stanley Hudson x Samuel L. Jackson

I’m now imagining Stanley with Samuel L’s mouth.


3. Donald Trump x John Travolta

The hair’s not a bad look.


2. Donald Trump x John Lennon

There’s something intriguing about this one…


1. Jim Carrey x Justin Timberlake

I would for sure like to forget this image exists, but I don’t think I can.


Nightmare fuel, some of them, but others are oddly satisfying?

Which one really worked for you? Let us know in the comments!