Artist Illustrates the Good News That Happened


2018 was, to put it lightly, a bit of a train wreck. The news was filled with awful stories almost every day and people just seem to be fed up and angry.

But there is still a lot of greatness in the world! In fact, a ton of it! Mauro Gatti is an artist who took it upon himself to illustrate the good news from 2018 (and recent years), so enjoy this article and let’s all work hard to make the world wonderful for everyone.

1. You’ll be fined

2. I love this!

3. We need those bees

4. Good on ya!

5. That is great news

6. Trees for days

7. Technology at its finest

8. Illegal

9. No more of that

10. Yay!

11. Advancement

12. They need this everywhere

13. No more animals

14. History in the making

15. Clean up the oceans

16. It’s not good for you

17. Rising

18. Say no to fur

19. Stop mass incarceration

20. Sniff ’em out

Cheers to 2019! Let’s all look out for each other!