‘Baby Snowdas’ Are Popping up Everywhere and They Are Delightful


We’re in the middle of winter, so you know that a lot of kids (and some adults) and playing out in the snow and trying to come up with awesome snowmen to impress their friends and neighbors.

Ladies and gentlemen…I present to you…the Baby Snowda!

You knew it had to happen at some point, right?

Here are some that might just inspire you to build your own in your front yard.

1. That is awesome.

2. A night shot.

3. Wearing a sweater and everything.

4. A lil’ green guy.

5. Holding a cup of coffee.


6. Towering above the plains.

7. Made some friends.

8. That is HUGE.

9. Keeping warm.

10. Go ahead and carry that one around with you.


11. I love it!

Those are awesome!

Have you made a Baby Snowda yet? Or any other kind of snow creature?

Share some photos with us in the comments!