Best Facts of the Week (July 25-31)

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We create new Fact Snacks for you every single day and put them up on our website.

But it’s a tough road from fact to Fact Snack.

More than half of our submitted, fully-researched facts never even get to be Fact Snacks.

Yet here we are, dropping facts on our blog and website multiple times during the day.

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Now we’ve curated the Fact Snacks that you liked the most for the week of July 25-31.

So this is like the crack-cocaine of Fact Snacks.

Or maybe something less druggy…

It’s the Tournament of Champions.

The Best of the Best:

7. Gosling got his break by looking busted.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Sources: 1, 2

6. Misomaniacs don’t like anything.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Sources: 1, 2

5. Booze is booze.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Sources: 1, 2

4. First-born seems to mean first-rate.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Sources: 1, 2

I kept trying to tell my younger siblings, but they wouldn’t listen…

3. Disney almost had a park for baddies.

Photo Credit: did you know?


They totally should have gone through with this plan. Or maybe build it separate, away from Magic Kingdom. Like, in Wisconsin…

2. The Twinkie diet works.

Photo Credit: did you know?


This sounds really unpleasant. Like worse than normal dieting.

1. 100% of people who consume Dihydrogen Monoxide will die.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Sources: 1, 2, 3

My siblings listened on this one.


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