How Do You Explain Color To Blind People? — This Woman Shares What People Said

Photo Credit: Pexels

Describing colors seems easy when you think about it. Maybe you point to a tree or the sky, and your description is ready, right? But if you’re trying to explain colors to someone who is blind, you’ll have to be a lot more creative than that.

One Twitter user was curious about how someone could describe colors to someone who is blind.

As you can see, he did some digging and found some descriptions from an article on The Cut, in which a woman named Ashley went over how some people had described colors for her when she was young. She says this is how her friends and family described the color red for her:

“They had me stand outside in the sun. They told me that the heat I was feeling is red. They explained that red is the color of a burn, from heat, embarrassment, or even anger.”

Here’s their beautiful explanation for green:

“I held soft leaves and wet grass. They told me green felt like life. To this day it is still very much my favorite color.”

And a fascinating one for the color blue:

“They put my hands in their pool. They told me that that sensation I felt while swimming, that omnipresent coolness, that’s blue. Blue feels like relaxation.”

But @tarrrj’s post created interest in the topic, and some Twitter users provided more resources for how to talk to blind people about colors.

What wonderful descriptions and resources! These are all great ways to discuss colors and other things with blind folks without relying on sight as the main vehicle for information.

Are there any resources or descriptions you’d like to add? Share them with us! Perhaps they’ll help someone.