Boss Claps Back at Entitled Customers Making Server’s Life Miserable

It’s a wonderful feeling when your boss just seems to “get it” — he or she supports you wherever possible, applauds your ideas, stands up for you in meetings and just generally encourages you to keep doing your best.

Sometimes, it can feel like these bosses are few and far between, especially in the restaurant industry. But one waitress’s recent post on Reddit will totally renew your faith in restaurant bosses everywhere.

She posted her experiences with the best boss ever on the r/TalesFromYourServer sub-Reddit, which, as you might have guessed, is full of anecdotes and stories from life as a waiter or waitress (or bartender).

The story starts off pretty badly, but finishes with such a happy ending. It all started when the waitress was waiting tables at a pizza restaurant. An older couple came into eat:

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And they started to get REALLY shitty…

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And then the owner steps in…

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Boom! Take that asshole customers!

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Yes! This story is giving us life! You can literally feel how relieved the original poster was when her boss stepped in.

Plus, the icing on the cake was the owner’s compliment to the waitress after the fact. We are so here for this!

People on Reddit were also really into it. posting encouraging comments on the thread.

Some people shared their previous boss’s philosophies:

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While others chimed in about not giving a shit about “losing” a customer:

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Because why would you care? Good riddance!

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Others were just happy to hear about this supportive boss:

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And some could not figure out why people are just so inherently rude to servers and other restaurant support staff:

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Don’t be a big ol’ bag of dicks, as this commenter says. When you go to a restaurant, try to put yourself in the shoes of the people serving you (and maybe you’ve already been in their shoes before!). After all, the world could use a little more empathy in general, right?

What’s your biggest restaurant pet peeve?

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