Boston Dynamics Gives Us a Glimpse of Its New Eye-Popping Robot Dog


Ummmmm, this is kind of terrifying. And amazing. Robotics company Boston Dynamics just released a little teaser video for their latest crazy invention, the SpotMini robot dog.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The company doesn’t divulge any details, only saying that the SpotMini is “Coming soon.”

In the video, the robotic canine seems to have a unique personality. It pauses to look at the viewer and then trots along on its way.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The SpotMini looks so weirdly doglike and yet utterly robotic at the same time. It’ll be fascinating to see everything it’s capable of when it is finally released.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Watch the video below to see how this incredible robot moves.

h/t: Mashable