These Two Relatives Have Exchanged the Same Birthday Card for an Astonishing 47 Years


In this era of Facebook, most folks just take a few seconds to write “Happy bday” on someone’s wall, and that’s the end of it. Most of the time we don’t even remember our family and friends’ birthdays – we just get that little reminder on Facebook (thankfully), we type a message out, and it’s over.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Which is why stories like this are so rare – and wonderful – these days. A woman recently shared pics online of a birthday card that has been sent back and forth between two relatives named Bill and Steve for an amazing 47 years.

That means this particular card has been exchanged an incredible 94 times between the two men. Pretty impressive for a Hallmark card purchased for 25 cents in 1970, wouldn’t you say?

In case you were curious, here’s what the front of the card looks like:

I think this is a really cool tradition that more people should get in on. Hopefully Bill and Steve keep it up for years to come!

h/t: Simplemost