Bring This Giant Game of Jenga – Complete With Hidden Jell-O Shots – to Your Next Party

Image Credit: Etsy

We’re always looking for new ways to turn games we love into a game we can play while also drinking, and I don’t know about you, but a giant Jenga game that comes with Jell-O shots sounds pretty darn intriguing.

Except for the Jell-O part, but I suspect you could replace them with any sort of shot you prefer.

Tipsy Topple’s version of Jenga stands 2.7 feet tall, with individual blocks that are 9 by 3 by 1.8 inches. There are 56 of them, and 6 contain a single hole where you can place shot, and 6 more contain two holes for double the fun.

Image Credit: Etsy

I suppose the Jell-O comes in handy because it doesn’t spill. I get it now.

To play, you’ll need 18 Jell-O shots in 2-ounce cups with lids (just ask your college self where to buy them).

You put them into the slots, build your 18-story tower, and then set your rules.

Image Credit: Etsy

Tispy Topple recommends either the player who pulls the block taking the shot(s) or the player who successfully pulls the block getting to assign the shots to another player.

Be careful with that second one, because it seems like targeting a person could happen, and could definitely get ugly.

Image Credit: Etsy

The loser is obviously the person who topples the tower, just like in regular Jenga, and this one comes with a handy plastic bag to pack everything up in afterward.

It sounds perfect for all of your outdoor summer hijinks, and you could even buy a second one for the kids and fill it with cups of plain Jell-O.

Just don’t mix them up, though. That would be bad.