18 People Share the Scariest Dream They’ve Ever Had

No one likes to have bad dreams. Whether you’re an adult or a child, there’s something terrifying and disconcerting about waking up in the middle of the night, gasping and finding out that your brain has betrayed you yet again.

We’ve all had some scary nightmares over the years, but these 18 people are lucky they didn’t pee the bed.

18. That will do it.

My parents turned into zombies.

17. What does it mean if something falls on you?

Two recurring ones. Getting trapped in an endless maze of a house and having something fall on me.

The something falling on me one leads to me being wide awake, sitting at the bottom of my bed, desperately trying to find what fell on me.

16. Definitely less than pleasant.

Sunny weather at a beach with our, my girlfriend and my, families having a really good time. The kids are playing in the water, building sand castles et al, the adults preparing BBQ, laughing, chatting loudly, dancing to music, you know the deal, just everyone is enjoying each others company.

Me turning around, watching over my 2 sons as they are running around, being cheeky to their relatives. Then I see my “sis-in-law” with a sweet, little girl in her arms. Instantly I recognize my daughter as she is having my eyes and her mommy’s copper-redish wild hair.

My flower is coming down to the beach, wearing a gorgeous summer dress, approaching her sister to get our girl, turning towards me with her big, beautiful, sunny smile on her face. As they’re about to be next to me she tells little one, “Let’s go to Papa and play with him”, now with a shining glow surrounding them.

Me, waking up in tears and sweat, shaking my head. Having two boys, yes, but she being for almost 6 months dead…

15. That’s intense.

So… I lucid dream a lot. I don’t know how, or why, but I do. And most of the times its great. You can live out fantasies and bend reality to your will.

But this one was not good.

You know that game? Red door, yellow door? Yes you do. I dreamt I was in that game. I immediately realized I was dreaming, but I couldn’t break through the dream like I usually do. I was stuck. And a man came. A tall man, dressed in black, wearing a wide brimmed hat that covered his eyes. And he lifted it up. His eyes were the scariest. Milky white and empty, but you knew he could see you. Suddenly I felt this excruciating pain in my chest and I couldn’t breathe. I tried to scream but couldn’t.

The guy said one thing. And oh boy do I wonder how my mind made up this scenario.

He said: “Fear.”

But that’s not he end! Oh no! My mind was on a roll!

I opened my eyes in my bed. And gave a sigh of relief, only to find I couldn’t. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. And in the corner of the room, there were a pair of milky white eyes.

That’s when I fainted.

14. This is a nightmare for sure.

This is gonna sound really weird but… when i was around five i had a dream that my little brother was taken by Curios Gorge and the man in the yellow hat into the back room at bed bath and beyond. When i found him he was strapped to the scary laugh thing from Monsters Inc. that made your lips big. When i grabbed him the building started to collapse and my parents didn’t know who i was. It still haunts me to this day

13. That’s extremely specific.

I dreamed that there was actually Piggy, the Roblox monster, in my own house. I got panicky when I heard a sound. So my family evacuated the house, and I saw Piggy bouncing up and down waving its club.

So I ran away screaming, then found a person striding towards my house. I yelled at her to run, but she just scoffed at me like I was stupid. I fell and woke up. It looked very real, the neighborhood and the trees and everything.

12. So many scary Disney dreams!

Keep in mind, I have a lot of scary dreams, but this one really really got to me, so we all know that movie, Madagascar, I forget which one, but it is the one with the purple evil octopus.

Anyways, the dream started out with me in my old school’s parking lot, but there is grass in front of the fence, and that is where I was standing with my little sister and for some reason, the purple octopus came to me and stole my little sister.

I was so scared, and so I lunged at it, but it then turned into a honey octopus and ate my little sister. When I woke up in sweat, I literally thought my sister was dead.

11. Depending on who you are…

I was forced into creating a monster, but all the monster would do was challenge me into philosophical debate rap battles, and man, I cant rap, and becasue of that donald trump got reelected, and holy sh*t that was scary

10. I would not like any of that.

I’ve dreamt that some monster picked me up, impaled me through my chest, and I began to die. I’ve “felt” the whole process of death right up until that moment where I felt that I don’t exist anymore. Then I woke up.

Other time, I’ve “met the devil”, but only briefly, as I couldn’t handle the experience of it. I was sort of lucid dreaming, I walked around my room, and thought “I wonder what the devil’s up to?” (don’t ask why, I rarely wonder about such things). It was a brief flash of horror, and I woke up in sleep paralysis, ears ringing, I’ve felt deep rumbling through my body, unable to move, and in complete terror.

Scary, huh?

9. No way out.

I have had many scary dreams but the one that stands out the most to me is a recurring dream I have that began soon after I started being sexually abused. In the dream I am in a room with no windows or doors, so no way for me to get out.

There is a small hole in the wall where someone is continuously watching my every move whether it is me getting dressed, going to the toilet, washing myself, sleeping etc. And on the other side of the wall there is scary guitar music playing.

I had that dream many times when I was younger but now I am older I have it very rarely, thankfully.

8. Imagine being too scared to sleep.

I some times have dreams of being stuck in an endless loop, dying and dying, again and again. One time I had to go to the hospital cause I wouldn’t wake up.

The worst part was, that I could remember all the horrible and gruesome ways I died (Could almost feel them). Sadly I have been seeming to get them more and more lately. I haven’t slept in 2 days

7. Nothing good in the woods.

I was alone in the woods and BAM I was in a cold dark maze, I could only see my hands through the darkness.

And then I heard it, the sound of children screaming, the sound of my mother crying and calling for help.

I see them. thousand upon thousands of children being cradled by their parents, I see my mom, I run toward her but she doesn’t see me.

“mom?” I called to her. She’s crying. I see what she is holding. I see me with a gunshot wound to the head. I scream but no one can hear me, I scream hoping one person could see me. But they don’t.

someone taps my shoulder, I turn hopeful, it’s my sister. I was confused, she could see that, she pointed to a pile of bodies next to my mother. My family. One by one their breathing stopped. my breathing stopped. And I woke up.

6. Abducted!

i dreamed that there was a weird gang on the high street who had their own shop. they had amazing cameras that saw everyone and everything. one day me and my dad were kn a bicycle ride, and we stopped outside. we hid behind some railings. mg dad stepped out and got abducted.

then i got abducted . i landed in a strange world. then i woke up because i couldn’t take it any more  . I was about 6 and this terrified me

5. It all comes back to your childhood.

I once had a recurring nightmare, that Freud would have loved.

I set the scene – the butler’s pantry of my childhood home, I am emotionlessly looking at my mom chopping my body into pieces, and putting them into jars to preserve. It makes me feel weird, but also makes sense – this is the place where you would keep the preserves over winter. I keep on watching over the situation, she is going at it, first my torso, then legs.

I wonder I must be seeing all of this from above, with my soul levitating above my body… and then it dawns on me… no – I am watching it through my own eyes, from a jar, where my head is already conserved and placed on a top-shelf.

4. It’s always the old houses.

 I wake up in a old house, I start to wander thinking where is the entrance, the clocks all move and a couple days go by but it is always night. After this a face always appears in front of me it smiles at me then runs. I chase after it but it keeps getting further and further away until I cannot see it anymore, then right as I sit down from exhaustion I feel a hand gently place it’s self on my shoulder.

I look back and it is the face except it’s eyes and mouth are bleeding. It opens it mouth and makes a horrifying screech then you can hear it say “Your time here comes to an end.” It pulls out a knife then right before it stabs me I wake up.

I’ve had this dream about 3 time now and the only thing that changes is the condition of the house. It keeps getting worse

3. It would be hard to sleep after that.

I was about ten and went on a girl scout camping trip with my group. we were in a cabin and had bunk beds. our parents got the bottom bunk and we got the top. we messed around for a while and eventually went to sleep.

I drifted to sleep and then suddenly, I was sitting on the edge of a cliff. I was peering over and staring at a beautiful forest on the other side of the cliff. I wanted to go over there but waited for a while. eventually, I stood up and my brother appeared out of nowhere. he pushed me over the edge and I fell. turns out I rolled off the side of my bunk bed and hit the cement floor.

I slept on the bottom bunk with my mom for the rest of the night

2. Sometimes you can’t explain it.

I had a dream that a dog bit me when I was a child. It bit the inside of my wrist. Since then, I have developed a phobia of veins. Right now when I look back, the dream doesn’t sound very scary; but back then I thought it was the scariest thing that happened to me haha

1. Asleep or awake? Because…

I have 2:

nukes hit us

enormous meteors hit us

either way, world ends, we all die

I can definitely wait until the next time something like this happens to me.

What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? Tell us about it in the comments!