People Are Sharing Movies That They Never Forgot and Gave Them Nightmares for Years

When you’re a kid, you don’t really know what you’re supposed to be afraid of until you see it, or read it – and then you can’t forget it.

Me? I read way too many Dean Koontz novels in high school and still have to pull my curtains the moment it gets dark outside!

For these 13 people, these were the movies that made them realize there were monsters out there…and they’ve never really gotten over it.

13. It’s noย Walking Dead,ย but…

If you’re seven, this is some scary stuff.

12. If you like birds you must not have seen this movie.

Or you’re not right in the head. Only options.

11. Only for a month?

You’re a braver 10yo than I was.

10. Oh those poor babies.

No one warned me about the book, either.

9. Whoย didn’tย watch this at a sleepover?

And have immediate regrets?

8. This must be on most people’s lists.

Unless you’re not human.

7. I still don’t like to close my eyes to rinse the shampoo.

And my shower is enclosed by glass.

6. Those costumes, though.

Who thought that was a good idea for kids?

5. Pretty sure this traumatizes adults, too.

I know it gets me.

4. Who watches that as a kid?

I would have needed to be institutionalized.

3. The future is now.

Maybe that makes it even scarier.

2. This just about ruined me in middle school.

I used to think animals were so sweet before that.

1. If you haven’t seen it, maybe don’t watch it with your kids.

Or in the dark when you’re home alone.

Some of these definitely did a number on me, too!

What was the scariest movie you watched when you were too young? Tell us in the comments!