Britney Spears Auditioned for ‘The Notebook’ and 9 Other Britney Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Three cheers for the Queen of Pop’s never-ending reign!

Think what you want of the tabloids – it doesn’t stop every new Britney Spears single that drops from topping the charts. Spears and her sheer talent have floored people since she was eight-years-old. But, there’s a lot more to the musical superstar than her iconic voice and dance moves.

Here are 10 facts about Britney Spears that prove why her influence will continue to last decades.

1. She’s the mastermind behind the …Baby One More Time music video.

Though Swedish mega-producer Max Martin helped Britney curate the image we recognize today – the teen idol absolutely had some creative say over her work.

Apparently, director Nigel Dick originally wanted the music video for …Baby One More Time to take in a spaceship that landed on Mars.

Spears, like the master entertainer she is, immediately canned the idea.

Instead, she suggested something a little more modern: bored high schoolers dancing around their school. If it weren’t for Britney’s marketing genius, we wouldn’t have that iconic schoolgirl fit that’s inspires countless Halloween costumes to this day.

2. She tried out for the The Notebook.

Little known fact – Britney Spears actually auditioned for The Notebook. Of her audition, Spears’ former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Ryan Gosling said:

“She did an excellent job, actually.”

Ultimately, Rachel McAdams won the role of Allie Hammond in the romantic comedy blockbuster.

Britney was no acting novice, though. Before taking a shot at The Notebook, she gave a critically-acclaimed performance in Shonda Rhimes’ Crossroads.

Talk about range!

3. She was an Off-Broadway understudy.

Photo Credit: Pexels

When Spears was only eight-years-old, she was cast as an understudy in the Joel Paley and Marvin Laird project Ruthless!

Paley and Laird already found their lead in future Legally Blonde: The Musical star Laura Bell Bundy, but they were seriously trudging through the mire trying to find an understudy to match her talent.

That’s when Spears came along and charmed her way into the part and their hearts.

4. She dated Prince William.

Photo Credit: iStock

Before there was Kate – there was Britney.

Yeah, their relationship didn’t last very long. As it turns out, a pop star’s and prince’s schedules don’t exactly mesh together super well. Spears spilled the tea on their brief tryst in 2002, stating:

“We exchanged emails for a little bit, and he was supposed to come and see me somewhere, but it didn’t work out.

So that was it. He’s a busy guy.”

5. She inspired Barry Manilow’s album 15 Years

The turmoil Spears endured during the late 2000’s with the paparazzi dominated our culture and attention. As it turns out, her struggle with fame and a severe lack of privacy inspired Barry Manilow to write his album 15 Years in 2011.

On the album’s inspiration, Manilow reflects:

“She couldn’t have a life without [the paparazzi] pulling up next to her car and following her and driving her crazy.

We all looked at it in horror, and [my collaborator Enoch Anderson] and I said, ‘Is this what happens these days?’ So it seemed like a thing to be writing an album about.”

6. She uses an alias most of the time.

Of course, Spears tries to keep some things – like where she’s staying or traveling to – under wraps.

Naturally, she has to use another name to book hotel rooms, plane tickets, reservations, and just about everything else that requires any kind of identification.

According to Spears herself in an interview with James Corden for Carpool Karaoke, the list of crazy identities she’s used include: Alotta Warmheart, Anita Dick, and Chastity Montgomery.

7. Las Vegas dedicated an entire day her.

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That’s right – there’s a “Britney Day” in Las Vegas, and it’s November 5th.

Not only does the international pop icon have a residency in Sin City (complete with acrobatics, fire rings, and a carnival-like air), she also has the key to it.

8. She almost led a girl band.

There very well could have been a girl counterpoint to *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. Lou Pearlman, who managed both bands, created a short-lived girl group called Innosense – with Spears as the frontwoman.

However, Spears left the band before it managed to pick up momentum.

It never quite amassed the fanbase that she was able to attract on her own.

9. She’s been banned in France.

Spears’ 2005 music video for her single Do Somethin’ attracted tons of negative attention from the French-based fashion titans at Louis Vuitton.

The hot pink Hummer featured in the video had an upholstery strikingly similar to the designer brand’s Cherry Blossom pattern. Louis Vuitton ended up suing the record label Sony BMG – whose executives had to agree to a payout of over $117,000.

In addition to being banned in France, the music video was also pulled from all major European TV channels. The controversial print has since been removed from the video altogether.

10. She was a normal kid for about a year.

When Mickey Mouse Club ended in 1996, Spears moved back to Louisiana and went to her local high school. For Britney Spears, the return to everyday life was definitely a change of pace – but not really for the better. Of her time in high school, Spears reflects:

““I was so bored. I was the point guard on the basketball team. I had my boyfriend, and I went to homecoming and Christmas formal. But I wanted more.

I mean, it was fun while it lasted, but then I got the record deal, and I left.”

Truth be told, I was already a huge Britney fan going into this article, and I’ve somehow come out of it even more obsessed with her work. Truly, there will never be a superstar quite like Britney Spears.

So, what are some of your favorite Britney Spears facts? Share them with us in the comments below!