Burger King Tested Their French Fry Burger and Wendy’s Roasted Them Hard On Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

Wendy’s is a little shy when it comes to social media, preferring to scroll through their Twitter feed silently and without comment.

Oh, wait. That’s my great-aunt Wendy.

The fast food chain, Wendy’s is super savage on social media, particularly Twitter where they have 3.6 million followers, and you should stay out of their way lest you want to be owned.

Recently, Burger King decided to ignore this bit of sage advice and did something crazy.

They tested a french fry burger which poked the Wendy-Bear, who then turned the roast on high.

At first, people thought the chain was joking. Spoiler alert: Wendy’s doesn’t play like that.

Annnd the hits just kept coming.

Wendy’s has ALL DAMN DAY, y’all.

A few people dared to question Wendy’s authority on the matter.

Somehow, in the kerfuffle, the state of New Jersey got thrown under the Wendy’s bus.

Other convenience food brands wouldn’t stay out of it. Twitter mods (LOL) may need to separate Velveeta and Wendy’s for everyone’s protection.

The clown…I’m screaming.

Everybody loves the Baconator, this is nothing new.

Wendy’s is always free and easy with their fast food coaching and counselings.

It never got easier to scroll through all the savage comments, but someone had to do it. I’m only glad I’m just a lowly consumer of burgers and not trying to compete with some weird concoction of potato and bread.

Burger King, you got what you deserved.

Bow to your queen!!