Can You Spot the Cat in These Five Images?

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that there’s a fun game you can play in your spare time – and it’s “find the cat.”

Even if your cat is in the same room as you, even if you technically know whereabouts they leapt and settled, there’s a good chance it could take you a good five minutes to actually spot your feline friend.

I don’t think the cats know we’re playing, but that’s okay. When you own a cat, you have to get your kicks and giggles where you can, because they make up for that morning you woke up and immediately stepped in cat barf in your bare feet.

Here are five cats who probably aren’t hiding…but I’m betting it’s going to take you more than a couple of minutes to find them, anyway.

#5. So, I know there’s a mirror…

But I’m still not really sure how many cats/kittens there are.

#4. This one seems easy…

But in my experience, if there’s more than one cat, there’s usually more than two, as well.

#3. Show this to your kids and brew a cup of coffee.

You’ll have time to drink it while it’s still hot, even.

#2. Find the cat, Christmas Edition!

These people are brave, decorating that pretty tree with a cat in the house,

#1. One messy closet, one cat.

Have they become one? You decide!

I’m not going to lie to y’all…I’m still looking for the cat in that entertainment center/bookcase area.

…okay, I cheated. In case you need to cheat, too, it’s behind the television.