Canned Bread Is Actually Making a Comeback

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Picture this: Instead of pulling out a slice of bread from a loaf in a plastic bag, you pull your bread out of a can, then cut it yourself.

Wait…. what?!?

Yeah… it’s a thing and it has been a thing for a minute…

This was the reality starting in the late 1920s, especially in New England, where people just loved to eat B&M Brown Bread in a can.

Now, the year is 2020 and you can easily pick up a loaf of bread from the store.

And yet, this canned bread is making a comeback.

Here’s what it looks like:

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With all the gathering of canned goods I was surprised to find this #cannedbread. My #MoM would serve this #backintheday and we would be delighted!!! Is there something special that your #Mother or #Father made sure you had while you were growing up that you are #appreciative #grateful and #thankful for? If you have a second think about and share it. You'll make yourself happy and others happy too!

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Pretty interesting, right? But as we’ve seen more “bake this cake in a cup” recipes, this shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Yes, people are feeling nostalgic for little creature comforts that remind them of their past.

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If, like me, you were wondering what canned brown bread is all about, wonder no more. Tastes about like you'd expect it to… slathered with a generous portion of beanie-weenie it's almost palatable! Wasn't sure what kind of wine to pair with it, so I just had water. Lots and lots of water. #cannedbread #B&M #beanieweenie #quarantinefood

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It can be a little dry, but otherwise it tastes delicious!

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Anyone else doing idiotic apocalyptic food purchases because 2020 has rewired your brain? Picked up a 12 pack of asparagus to go with our 12 pack of CANNED BREAD. #cannedbread #cannedasparagus #cannedwhat

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And hey, since it’s in a can, it does keep for much longer than regular bread in the pantry!

Win win!

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When you’re in the grocery store perusing the aisles looking for suitable shelf stable sustenance in case we all go on lockdown and you run across the ultimate quarantine snack. Canned bread. Yes, folks that’s right – there’s such a thing as canned bread. Slice it up, get it good & crispy in the panini maker, then slather it with butter while it’s still hot and ya got yourself a tasty little treat. #desperatetimes #desparatemeasures #whatwilltheythinkofnext #quarantinesnacks #cannedbread #cannedbreadisreal #corona #coronavirus #covid_19

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Yum, yum, yum, doesn’t that look appetizing?

If you said “no,” well, we respectfully disagree.

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Bread in a can… made by a baked bean manufacturer. Say what?!?! Am I the only one who didn’t know this was a thing? #CannedBread

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Of course, you can always make your own canned bread. Some people call it “coffee can bread.”

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Dempster's Malt Bread was one of my favourite things as a kid. Toasted with butter and jam it was chewy and delicious. I did a bit of research and found out that Boston Coffee Can Bread is basically the same thing. I used a recipe I found in the Chicago Tribune, and it turned out great! 😍

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Hey, whether you like canned bread or not, there must be a reason why it’s still in production today! Somebody’s buying it.

Will you be grabbing a few extra cans of bread the next time you hit up the store? Why or why not? We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments!