New Zealand Police Department Takes a Hilarious and Sweet Approach to Social Media

Photo Credit: Pexels

Police departments tend to take things super seriously. But not all of them.

The New Zealand Police is earning quite a reputation for being downright hilarious on social media.

They post funny pictures, share stories and even make witty puns, like this recent post:

They also share some pretty adorable snaps of their “staff:”

They’re funny, and yet they still get their point across:

They’re hip with the times, too, participating in TikTok challenges like this one:

They even do regular “story time” reading sessions — how sweet is that?

They even take time to chat with local children who want to be police officers when they grow up. How sweet!

The police department’s posts are so popular that people in other countries have liked their page just to keep up with the entertainment! Now that’s some serious positive outreach.

To these boys in blue, good job connecting with the citizens you serve. We hope you’ll keep up these funny and heartwarming Facebook posts for the foreseeable future.

What do you think about police posting on social media? Should they stick to policing, or is this a modern way for them to connect with their constituents?

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