The “Casanova Killer” May Have Been Involved in the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman Murders

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The twisted trail that Glen Edward Rogers has left behind him throughout the years is very difficult to navigate. Rogers gained a fair bit of notoriety throughout the years for crimes he may or may not have committed, and investigators are still attempting to untangle his complicated past.

When Glen Rogers was arrested in Kentucky in November 1995, it was only the beginning of a long journey to discover who the man was, and just how many murders he may have committed. Rogers was born in 1962 and grew up in Ohio. By the time he was arrested, Rogers already had a long rap sheet, including arson and assault.

Glen Rogers was a good-looking man and said to be very persuasive with women, able to charm them very easily. But Rogers had an extremely dark side, one that eventually earned him the nickname “The Casanova Killer.”

Rogers was a drifter, ending up in the Los Angeles area in the early 1990s. Before he moved west, Rogers allegedly committed his first murder in his home state of Ohio, killing an elderly man named Mark Peters. The man had been a Good Samaritan, allowing Rogers to live with him when he had nowhere else to go. Peters – and his car – eventually went missing.

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In January 1994, Peters’ dead body was found in a cabin belonging to the Rogers family, where he had been bound to a chair and killed. But by the time authorities discovered the dead man, Rogers was already in Los Angeles.

Rogers worked odd jobs in California, and he continued to woo women. In September 1995, Rogers met a woman named Sandra Gallagher at a bar in Van Nuys. Gallagher was a 33-year-old mother of three out for the evening celebrating a $1,200 lottery win. Her celebration did not last long – Gallagher’s dead body was found in her burning pickup truck the following morning. Rogers fled Los Angeles and headed east. He ended up in Jackson, Mississippi, where he again used his charm to seduce and move in with a woman named Linda Price. On November 3, 1995, the 34-year-old Price was found dead in her bathtub, stabbed to death.

Four days later, Tina Marie Cribbs was found murdered in a motel in Tampa, Florida where Glen Rogers had been a guest. Only four days after the murder of Cribbs, 37-year-old Andy Jiles Sutton was discovered stabbed to death in her apartment in Bossier City, Louisiana. Glen Rogers was a man on the run, traversing the U.S. and killing women at will.

Police started to connect the dots linking Rogers to the slayings across several states, and a nationwide manhunt was issued for “The Casanova Killer.” On November 14, 1995, police spotted Rogers in Kentucky and a high-speed chase ensued. Rogers led authorities on highways at speeds of 100 mph before police cars forced him off the road. Glen Rogers’ deadly crime spree was over.

While in custody, Rogers bragged that he killed over 70 people, a claim he later recanted. But only two days before his arrest in Kentucky, Rogers boasted to his sister that he had killed 70 people coast-to-coast. Rogers stood trial for murder in Florida and received the death penalty in 1997.

After his death sentence was handed down in Florida for the murder of Tina Marie Cribbs, Rogers received another death sentence in 1999 in Calfornia for the slaying of Sandra Gallagher.

It seemed as if Glen Rogers would be another forgotten killer locked behind bars until his date with the executioner, but the saga of Glen Rogers took a bizarre turn in 2012 when his brother, Clay Rogers, was the focus of a television documentary called My Brother the Serial Killer.

In the documentary, Clay Rogers claimed that his brother Glen admitted to him, other family members, and to authorities that he was the person responsible for the high-profile murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

It was one of the most famous crimes of the 20th century: The wife of football legend O.J. Simpson and her friend were found brutally murdered in Los Angeles in June 1994, and O.J. was tried and acquitted. Everyone had an opinion as to whether he had done it, and many people still debate O.J.’s innocence.

Glen Rogers claimed that he worked at Nicole Brown Simpson’s house as a painter. In the 2012 documentary, Rogers’ family members claim that the convicted killer had told them that he knew Simpson was rich, and he was going to “take her down.”

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He later confessed that none other than O.J. Simpson himself had hired him to break into Nicole Brown Simpson’s house to steal back a pair of diamond earrings.

The LAPD did investigate Rogers’ claims, but no one has ever been convicted of the murders of Simpson and Goldman. Did Glen Rogers have anything to do with the murders? Or is he simply another condemned man looking for publicity?

Glen Rogers, “The Casanova Killer,” may have been responsible for dozens and dozens of murders throughout the United States, but unless he decides to open up and divulge everything he knows to authorities, his past will remain distorted by lies and half-truths.