Check Out These Odd Animal Facts That Somehow People Knew

As an animal lover, I have to say that I’m very excited to dig into these facts.

Because even if you consider yourself some kind of animal expert, you’re never really gonna be able to know it all, right?

And that’s why articles like this are so cool!

Let’s check out some amazing animal facts courtesy of folks on AskReddit.

1. A whole lotta tongue.

“A giraffe has approximately one inch of tongue for every one foot of height.”

2. That’s a lot of flying!

“Dragonflies cannot walk.

It’s strictly landing gear.”

3. Jealous.

“Over-attached dogs can become jealous just by their owner looking at a photo of another dog.

They even become jealous if you’re petting a stuffed animal.

Or even petting a blanket as if it’s a another dog.”

4. No sleep til…

“Dolphins don’t sleep.

Each hemisphere of their brain alternates being active and resting every 12 hours.”

5. Rats!

“Rats can fit through any hole as long as their head fits through it.

When they pass through the hole, their lungs collapse down allowing them to squeeze through and spring back into position once the rat gets out.”

6. Whoa!

“The blue whale is not only the largest animal in the world currently, it is also the largest animal that has EVER lived in the history of the earth, including all dinosaurs.”

7. Showing off.

“Jumping spiders have basically the same vision we  do.

They can see us and know when we’re looking at them and like to show off!”

8. Those devils.

“Tasmanian devils have up to fifty babies but only four nipples.

They’re marsupials so they’re born premature and have to climb up to their mothers pouch.

As she licks herself she eats most of them and only the four strongest make it to the pouch.”

9. Slooooooooow.

“A sloth’s metabolism is so slow that they can starve to death with a stomach full of food.

Also, many sloths have fallen out of trees and died because they mistook their own arm for a tree branch and tried to grab it

I wonder how they’re not extinct yet.”

10. Weak brainpower.

“The Koala’s diet is so poor that, after generations of eating only eucalyptus leaves, it’s brain has shrunk so much that it’s considerably smaller than it’s cranial cavity.”

11. Nothing they can do.

“There’s a parasitic isopod that literally sucks the blood out of fish tongues (in the living fish’s mouth) and then replace the tongue.

Then all the males who’ve been vibing in the fish’s gills the entire time get to crawl into the mouth to have an interesting party with the female.

There’s nothing the fish can do about this.”

12. A real shape-shifter.

“The mimic octopus can not only change its color, but also changes its shape, movement and patterns to copy other species.

It can imitate a lionfish, sea snakes, jellyfish, sole, and others.”

13. Very unique animals.

“Everything about platypuses.

They are a prehistoric evolutionary step between reptiles and mammals, they swim in water but live underground, lay eggs and sweat milk because they don’t have nipples, their beaks are actually radars to spot electromagnetic movement in the mud, and most importantly: they are venomous.

They have stings on their heels. The venom won’t kill you but there is no anti-venom and you will be in pain for MONTHS.

Not even high doses of Morphine can ease the pain.

I mean WTF.

Gotta love those venomous prehistoric beaver-ducks with built-in radar.”

14. That’s wild.

“There was recently a 62 year old female python that had no contact with any males for over 15 years and just got laid an entire batch of eggs.

Supposedly it’s been documented that pythons can asexually reproduce, however in this case they are currently testing if they were asexually born or if it was a result of the female storing the semen.

Which they can also do!”

How about you?

Do you know of any awesome animal facts?

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