People Share 15 Animal Facts That Are Very Extra

Are you ready to get some knowledge laid on you?

I know I sure am! And I’m extra excited that it’s going to be about animals. Because I love ’em all!

Big, small, black, brown, white, lovable, dangerous. They’re all amazing.

So let’s get it on with some wonderful animal facts!

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. That’s one way to do it.

“Male giraffes will head butt a female in the bladder until she urinates, then taste the pee to help it determine whether or not the female is ovulating.”

2. Filthy animals.

“Sea Otters are evil perverts.

When mating, male otters are very violent towards females and some account that 15% of female otter deaths are due to this excessive violence involved with mating.

They have also been found to r*pe baby seals, and in cases where the seal dies, the otter will keep the corpse and continue to have s*x with it for a week afterwards.

It’s also been recorded where otter had don’t the same to dogs that get to close to them during mating season.”

3. Venom.

“Platypus has one of the most painful venoms on earth & is the only venom to directly target the pain receptors & isn’t effected by morphine based painkillers, you actually need local anesthetic to stop the pain.

Platypus venom is currently being studied to create a non morphine based painkiller.”

4. Very interesting.

“Large animals such as whales and elephants cannot die from cancer their cells are so big that the cancer cell eventually dies and a new one takes its place.

It’s fascinating.”

5. Sense of smell.

“You pass a person walking by, with a perfume on. You take a deep breath and identify Claire de Lun.

Dogs can identify the smell three days after that person has walked by a spot.

Three days.”

6. Beware.

“Don’t be fooled by the absolute adorableness of the quokka!

When approached by a predator, they will throw their babies at the predator so it can escape!

Learning this fact while teaching my class informative writing completely floored me!”

7. Creepy stuff.

“Woodpeckers have tongues that are fastened on the inside of their forehead, inside the skull, then runs around into the back of the skull and out through the mouth.”

8. No way!

“Seagulls sometimes land on live whales and peck chunks of flesh out of their skin for food.

Yep, you read that right. Seagulls, these screaming, fry-stealing coast pigeons, attack whales.”

9. Crazy birds.

“Ravens can mimic human speech.

They’re also one of the few creatures that act silly just for the sake of being silly.”

10. Avoid at all costs!

“Rhinos run 40 mph and can take out your car.

Being in a car won’t save you and they will chase your car.

It’s a problem in some parts of South East Asia apparently.”

11. Unreal.

“The Greenland shark has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species, one of them estimated to be somewhere between 272 and 512 years old (experts used its length and radiocarbon dating).

The shark would have been alive during major world events such as the founding of the US (1776), the arrival of the First Fleet at Botany Bay, NSW (1788), both World Wars (1914-1918 and 1939-1945) and the sinking of the Titanic (1912).”

12. Wild kingdom.

“Hippos make their own oily sunscreen, they come out of the water at night to eat grass (not fish), and their teeth can grow to be a mind-numbing 20 inches.”

13. Crafty cats.

“Cats can track prey using their whiskers to sense small variations in air pressure. They are so sensitive they can literally use them as a motion tracker.

Most people also don’t realise cats have fairly poor ‘close up’ vision; They struggle to see anything closer than 5 inches clearly, as any cat owner who spends a good portion of their life pointing out small treats in front of their cat can attest.

Their other senses more than make up for it, however.”

14. Amazing.

“Horseshoe Crab blood is blue because of it contains copper instead of iron like ours. It is also used to test our vaccines. One of the most valuable biological substances on the planet.

Horseshoe crabs are amazing animals that are over 400 million years old. There are many cool facts about them.”

15. Social structure.

“Naked mole rats have a similar social structure to bees.

They even have a queen, who is the only one in this structure who can bear children. This queen is genetically identical to other females, so scientists are not quite sure why she is the only fertile one.

As soon as the queen dies, all other females become fertile until the first pregnant one gets to be the new queen.

One compelling theory on how this works is that the queen puts so much psychological stress on other females that they become infertile.”

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