People Are Buying Arms for Their Chickens and the Photos Are Hilarious

Sometimes, the internet really give us all gifts that we don’t even deserve, and they’re usually the kind of thing you never saw coming.

Recently, someone shared that they bought their chicken a set of arms and the resulting photo is the kind of thing that you’ll never be able to unsee.

Not that you would want to… because it’s pretty amazing.

Seriously, how delightful is this chicken with their weird plastic doll arms? So delightful!

It all started when someone had the particularly clever idea to make and market chicken arms on Etsy.

Then, other people realized that you can also just buy plastic baby doll arms from Etsy, attach a piece of wire, and presto: you have your very own chicken arms.

Clearly, the resulting photographs are more than worth whatever you’ll pay for the doll arms.

There are also so many truly bizarre doll arms out there!

You can opt to give your chicken macho arms if you’d like.

Surely it is impossible to not have a great day if you get to look at this:

One could even argue that chicken owners have an obligation to buy as many chicken arms as they can.

Then, photograph their chickens wearing them, just to entertain the rest of us.

Can you believe chicken arms are a thing? What other animals do you think could wear plastic arms?

This could also be a pretty amazing trend to start with pet birds.

Which chicken is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!