Chris Evans Wears Sweaters and Plays the Piano and We Have the Proof

There are some posts that you click on to learn something new.

Others promise to let you in on a secret you’ve been curious about for a while, or say they’ll impart some breaking news.

You might open a link to scroll through the best tweets of the week, or to read some parenting advice, or to just laugh at other parents whose kids are behaving badly.

Thankfully, today offers something completely different.

Other times you just want to see a beautiful man in a thick winter sweater tickling the ivories. 

Obviously, today is the day for that last thing, because Chris Evans – aka, Captain America – has blessed us all with a video of him playing classical piano on his Instagram stories.

If you’re a fan or even a casual follower, there’s a good chance Evans’ Instagram has already made you swoon a time or two. There’s his dog, his collection of sweaters, his actual face, and, of course, the smolder.

He pulls out three of those four staples, adds in actually playing classical piano, and honestly, there rest of us mere mortals never had a chance.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Try not to hurt yourself in your haste to click the follow button. I know how these things go.

Image Credit: YouTube

At this point, I think we need to admit to ourselves that there’s no way to know if or when another Chris, or another celebrity, is going to let us down.

Let’s just enjoy this while it lasts, then, hmm?