Oreo Is Making a Gluten-Free Version and We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Image Credit: Oreo/Pixabay

Gluten, a protein found in most carbohydrates, has found itself in the limelight in recent years.

Though most people have no problem digesting the little protein, some with celiac disease, certain autoimmune disorders, or other sensitivities find that they feel much better when they leave it alone.

More and more restaurants and companies are getting on board with the increasingly common dietary restriction, and in 2021, Oreo is planning to step into the gluten-free arena.

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The new gluten-free Oreo will be a permanent addition to their lineup starting in January 2021, and will be available in original and Double Stuf form. They’re guaranteed to be made with real cocoa and are going to be around the same price as the original sort.

Considering all of the ways Oreo has tried spicing up their classic (for a reason) cookie – the dunking kit that comes with a mug and tongs, customizable cookies, and a new icing color and/or flavor for every season – I’m surprised the gluten-free option is just coming along now.

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That hopefully means they were waiting until it was just right, because if you’re someone who eats gluten-free, you probably know that the options can be pretty hit or miss.

Oreo’s offerings have been mostly hits, though (the Halloween Oreos remain the best, though I can’t say why, exactly), so fingers crossed that they’ve got this right as well.

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I can only imagine that until now, a life without Oreos had to be one of the things the gluten-free crowd has mourned.

Another couple of weeks, and they’ll have reason to celebrate, instead.