Chris Hardwick and @Midnight Crack (Up) the Twitterverse with Hashtag Wars


So, I enjoy Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtag Game to no end – Twitter is at it’s best when it’s A) Being snarky, and B) Trying to get noticed by celebrities. Chris Hardwick, the host of Comedy Central’s @Midnight (which has found itself in the spotlight of post-Daily Show glow ever since The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore was canceled), is cashing in on the Twitter fun lately, too – with his Hashtag Wars.

Below are some of the best (and I mean pee-your-pants funny) responses to one of his challenges to the Twitterverse….can you make a song whiter?

These 15 people did, and with a certain amount a panache that landed them on this list.

#15. *snort*

#14. I tried a juice cleanse once. It…did not go well.

#13. He said whiter, not more hipster. Though maybe those are interchangeable…

#12. Old people burn!

#11. Ouch.

#10. You can never go wrong with a musical theater reference. Never.

#9. What’s wrong with Uber? I mean, aside from the drivers who may or may not drive you somewhere random and rob you?

#8. What’s whiter than a Fitbit? You could walk 500 miles and not find anything, apparently.

#7. I love this one.

#6. All solid.

#5. Wine snobs. It’s almost too easy.

#4. Funny AND timely. #bonuspoints

#3. Gotta tone that butt, amirite?

#2. See above.

#1. Socially relevant and on topic – Chris Hardwick better keep a close eye on his job!

Check out some of Chris’s favorites below, and follow @DidYouKnowFacts for more Twitter fun!