Christina Applegate Reveals A Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

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No one wants to think about getting a diagnosis for a life-changing illness at a younger age. It’s unfathomable all of the ways it will change both you and your family, yet everyday, people are forced to face it head on.

Actress Christina Applegate took on a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a few months ago, and recently, she spoke publicly about it for the very first time.

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Celebrities often share their physical and mental health struggles with the public in hopes of raising awareness, but also because it helps others from feeling as if they are alone in a hard time in their lives.

Applegate, like Selma Blair, announced her diagnosis and then asked that the public and press respect her personal boundaries at this time.

“Now I ask for privacy as I through this thing.”

It’s admirable to use your diagnosis to create awareness for others less fortunate, but I imagine it’s tough to put yourself out there in a time where you likely need time to process alone before diving into the next phrase of treatment.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like the ones described by Applegate or Blair, make sure you get checked by your doctor – even if you just think you’re being paranoid.

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I hope that Applegate finds peace and a way forward, and when she’s ready, finds a way to share her experience that will make others feel seen, and to hopefully bring attention to a degenerative disease that sorely needs solving.

If you’re struggling with this life-altering illness or another, I hope you find some peace of your own, too.