Christmas Beard Lights Are Here and Maybe You Should Just Go Ahead and Embrace It


As you’re well aware, trends come and go throughout the years. What’s hot one minute is considered pretty lame a minute later. It can sure be hard to keep up, am I right?

Well, here’s one trend I hope sticks around for many years because 1). It’s pretty hilarious, and 2). It’s quite festive! A company called Firebox sells Christmas lights for beards, and I have to say, this may be the best idea I’ve seen in quite a while.

The lights can be nestled comfortably into your bushy beard, and the battery pack is small enough to fit in there and not cause you any issues, so everybody’s a winner here!

Firebox also has some other fun accessories for your beard, such as the Disco Beard Kit, the Snow Beard Kit, and the Christmas Tree Beard Kit.

Photo Credit: Firebox

The reviews don’t lie, either:

“Absolutly [sic] hysterical and was one of the main talking points during Christmas in our house. Lovley [sic] bright LED’s, good functions and apparently the clips were comfortable!”

“Bought as a joke gift for Christmas for my daughters husband who has a very bushy beard. Thought the kids would love it.”

“Brilliant product, bought for my hairy son. Lit up his night shift!”

Also, there are some other companies out there that sell similar products if you want to shop around. One thing fellas: you gotta grow your own beard, so get going on that, okay?

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Are you gonna get in on this trend?  If you do, you’ll be “lit”. Get it? If you do this, let’s see your photos in the comments!