“IT” Is Coming from Sydney, Australia to the USA

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

It, the horror movie based on the Stephen King novel of the same title, premiered in Australia yesterday – September 7, 2017. In the days ahead of the release, Sydney residents have been finding red balloons tied to sewer grates around the city (a references to the sewer-dwelling, dancing, homicidal clown, Pennywise), in some instances accompanied by graffiti that reads “It is closer than you think…”


If your first reaction is NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPPITY NOPE, well…you’re not alone. The residents of the most populous city Down Under are right there with you.

Check out the images below, complete with some very immediate and visceral reactions, thanks to the lovely thing called the internet.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @jmbeveridge

Photo Credit: Twitter, @AdamPDallas

Photo Credit: Instagram, @syfyau

You can check out the film trailer below, and catch the movie today – September 8 – in the US.

You know. If you dare.

h/t: Bored Panda

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