12 Hotel Tips That Are Good To Know Before Your Next Trip

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Traveling is awesome, there’s no doubt about it, but some parts are less enjoyable than others – the getting there, sure, but also booking a hotel that doesn’t live up to expectations, or not knowing how to get the best experience out of the hotel you have picked…really anything that messes about with your living arrangement.

Also getting robbed or arrested abroad. That would put a damper on things.

The hotel thing, though, I can help you with that. Read on!

#12. They may not give you a fridge, but they give you a bucket.

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And free ice.

#11. This is a game-changer for international travel.

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One adapter plus a power strip instead of half a dozen adapters? Yes!

#10. No bottle opener? No problem!

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Your door might be able to do double duty.

#9. Those hospital corners are good for something after all.

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I might even start using them at home.

#8. Sneaky…

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As long as someone doesn’t pilfer your Chapstick. Or you don’t lose it (I’m always losing it).

#7. Instead of buying those expensive little travel containers that break, use something you probably already have…

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An old contact lens case.

#6. This hack has saved a suitcase full of clean clothes more than once.

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Seriously, it’s worth the time.

#5. When you just can’t be bothered to hold your phone.

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And you’re too cheap to pay for a flight with television.

#4. Never leave your phone charger behind again.

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Just attached your car keys to it and problem solved.

#3. Blackout curtains in a flash.

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Because hotels should be good for sleeping in, if nothing else.

#2. Another phone hack!

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And this one keeps the germs off in the process.

#1. Need more counter space?

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There’s a hack for that!

Happy travels!