Company Creates a Hidden Cat Maze Bed Frame Cat Owners Will Love

Cats make fantastic pets. They’re cute and cuddly, don’t need to be taken outside to use the restroom, and as a bonus, they keep pesky mice out of the home.

However, they can also be a pain when it comes to keeping the furniture in good condition. Unless trained otherwise, cats will dig their claws into couches, carpets, blinds, and beds. In fact, they love destroying the underside of a bed or couch and turning in into their own private hideout.

That’s why this cat maze bed frame, by CatLife is SO exciting.

Image Credit: CatLife

This is the Gatrimonial bed.

With a bed frame like this one, you’ll never have to worry about your cats destroying the underside of your bed again! Along with the frame comes a bed base and a back.

Unfortunately, the Gatrimonial bed is priced at $2,120,000 – $2,650, 000. (Gulp)

Image Credit: CatLife

But just look at how cool it is!

With a bed frame like this, your cat (or dog) can both hide away when they need some privacy, and entertain themselves by weaving through this wooden maze.

Honestly, it’s about time someone invented this.

CatLife has a full line of products for cat owners and their cats.

Like the Gatrimonial bed, many of their other products help to create cat-friendly spaces in a sleek and modern home.

If you have the money to spare, why not live with your cat in style?

Avoid the cat-scratched furniture by investing in furniture made specifically for you and your cat.

Would you buy the Gatrimonial bed?

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