A Quick Rundown on the Care and Feeding of Popular Monsters

Image Credit: Tumblr

If you’re thinking about procuring a mythological monster for your next rescue pet, chances are you have some questions about what that might entail. What sort of bed might a hellhound enjoy? What does a Sphinx eat, and when (and how)? And dragons…those questions could go on for days.

Before you purchase any pet for your home you need to make sure that a) it’s a good fit, and b) that you’re as prepared as possible before bringing it home.

The author of this Tumblr thread wants to help, beginning with those of you looking to adopt a Cerberus, a giant spider, or a Sphinx.

Folks, ya gotta be ready if you want to take these beauties home.

Image Credit: Tumblr

Next up, those troublesome hellhounds, hippocampi, and some advice about basilisks that Harry Potter and friends could surely have used before going up against one in real life.

Seriously… don’t purchase a Hellhound. They sound like a HUGE pain in the a$$.

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Wondering what sort of habitat to buy your minotaur, or need a reminder that adorable babies – even Roc’s – get big and dangerous?

Keep reading!

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You’ll need to get to know your manticore, because they have individual preferences, and griffins (unsurprisingly) need plenty of space.

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There you have it, friends! I’m sure you’ve got some questions left, but surely these thoughts gave you a place to start.

Remember that Google is your friend, and congrats on your new monstrous pet!