Concerned Neighbors Pen a Hilarious Note Begging Fellow Tenant to Break Up

We all know that it’s easier to see the problems in a relationship from outside of it – our friends and family usually know before we do whether or not our current love interest seems like the one or not.

That said, things have to be pretty obviously wrong for the people who live in the near vicinity to have formed an opinion on our love lives…but that’s exactly what happened here, when fellow apartment-dwellers decided enough was enough.

When it’s been going on for two years, I think we can all agree it’s long past time, sis.

when your neighbor’s are exhausted of your fighting, it’s time to reflect on some things (not my photo)
byu/TimeLordArtie intrashy

Here’s the note:

Dear Neighbors in 9S

Girl, do everyone a favor and dump him. We don’t need to be woken up one more time at 2am because he can’t be an adult and hold his s*%t together. Not one more time woken up by slamming doors, stomping feet, and the worst part, hearing his whiney a$$ voice yell “what the f******ck.”

You were right to hit him with an ironing board two years ago. Your new dog deserves better. Just BREAK. UP. ALREADY. Please allow us to go at least one month without being woken up in the middle of the night. 

Thank you.


I think the part about the ironing board is my favorite. In general, I think that all of our dogs deserve better.

This is hilarious, and kind of sad… but ultimately funny.

Have you ever been tempted to send a note like this to a neighbor or a friend? Tell us the story (and how you let them know, if you did, that they were making a terrible choice) down in the comments!

Thanks fam!