Growing up, we played a lot of board games. We had the classics like Checkers, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, and Monopoly. We also played oddly specific games like a Clue-style Sherlock Holmes who-dunit, The New York game which involved navigating the subway to visit famous Manhattan sites, and an It’s a Wonderful Life themed trivia game.

Consequently, I love board games, and have always had an affinity for Monopoly. But not, apparently, as much as some people.

Recently, a user by the name of Yamaha234 posted to the r/pics Subreddit about a unique discovery their in-laws made. During a home remodel, the couple pulled up some old carpet only to find a life-sized Monopoly board underneath.

As My Modern Met explains:

The room-sized Monopoly board is based on the classic U.S. version of the game, complete with Chance and Community Chest spaces, a jail, and railroads.

Iconic sought-after spaces such as Park Place and Boardwalk also feature. The giant floor edition appears to have been hand-painted by the previous homeowners years ago.

Check-out Yamaha234’s actual picture:

While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant monopoly board from pics

Personally, I think the jail square is the perfect location for time out if you have naughty kids.

Reddit users were floored. And while they didn’t all agree on the merits of Monopoly game-play, they had a lot of fun with the idea.

Image Credit: Reddit

As shocking as this discovery was, it may not be totally unheard of.

Apparently a lot of people’s families’ basements had shuffleboards made of tile.

Image Credit: Reddit

And not just shuffleboards!

Image Credit: Reddit

One user explained that this was fairly common for houses built in the 1950s, although I’ve certainly never heard of it.

Image Credit: Reddit

Makes you wonder how many gems like this are hidden under grungy carpet across America.

Enough, it turns out, that this wasn’t even the first time someone posted such a find on Reddit!

Seven years ago someone made a similar discovery at a different home.

Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found! from funny

Lots of commenters have new #LifeGoals (me included, if I’m being honest), stating that they want to do this in their own homes some day.

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And forget Monopoly, this person wants to put Risk on their floor (speaking of games that last for ever and ever).

I’m pretty sure I went to college with this person.

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So what about the OP’s parents?

Image Credit: Reddit

I really hope they decide to clean it up and keep it visible, because what a weird fun thing to have.

What do you think? Keep it or cover it up? Let us know in the comments!