Confused About Face Masks? This Doctor Ran an Experiment on How Wearing Masks Affects Our Bodies

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People all over the world are now wearing face masks when they’re around people in public, whether voluntarily or because they’re required. Most of us have never worn them before, and we’re understandably a little confused on what we should be buying and why.

If that describes you, this doctor has the answers – and video proof – to all of your questions.

Mostly, Dr. Megan Hall and her experiment is going to give you a solid argument against the people who want to tell you they can’t wear a mask because it’s “hard to breathe” or some nonsense about carbon dioxide poisoning.

In her post, she wears 4 different masks for 5 minutes each, recording her heart rate and oxygen levels at the start and the finish.

She took wore one of those finger monitors and recorded her heart rate and oxygen saturation with no mask, a surgical mask, a N95 mask, and a N95 plus a surgical mask, which is how your healthcare provider goes about their day.

Her levels were not impacted during any of the experiments – in fact, her oxygen levels improved some here and there.

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Dr. Hall urges everyone to wear masks, and to not believe the conspiracy theories and politicizations surrounding the topic. They are safe, they do work, and we have to do our best to protect each other through this nightmare.

The last line of her post says “Unless you are face down with a knee on your neck, I’m confident you can still breathe.”

Image Credit: Facebook

Mic. Drop.

If you know someone who doesn’t want to believe the facts about mask-wearing in public, how safe it is, or how much good it can do, please show this to them!

If you’re one of those people, please watch, and reconsider.

If this straightforward take on the topic doesn’t change your mind, I’m not sure what will.