Contrary to Popular Belief, What’s Not a Bad Thing? Here’s What People Had to Say.

This question is sure to generate some pretty interesting responses, don’t you think?

You bet it is!

Because it seems like our culture is hyper-sensitive these days and when things are looked at in a negative light, you’re the enemy of the people if you like them…we live in a strange world, people…

Contrary to popular belief, what’s not a bad thing?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. It’s a good thing!

“Curious children.

Thats like… the best thing for a child to be because they want to learn the facts and form their own opinions.

But parents act as if they’re like inappropriate or annoying.”

2. It’s called “learning”.

“Political leaders admitting they are wrong and doing a U-turn

It seems that political leaders that admit a wrong or change position tend not to be political leaders for long, because they lose party support and political cachet.”

3. Do what you want.

“Not being into social media doesn’t mean you are behind the times.

It’s a choice.

Something about people not knowing everything about me and what I’m doing in my life is very peaceful to me.”

4. It’s okay to refuse.

“Saying “No” when someone asks you to do something that they’re entirely capable of doing.”

5. Live your own life.

“Disappointing your parents or friends by your life decisions.

Usually, they come around in time when they see what you chose is what makes you happy and that is what they really wanted in the end anyway.

It can be an uncomfortable wait until that time comes, but it is shorter and feels better than a lifetime of regret.”

6. Amen!


Sometimes it’s better to end things instead of trying to hold a failing relationship together.”

7. Good point.

“Not going to college is NOT a bad thing.

I say this with some level of authority on the matter as I am a college professor (full time, tenured, over a decade into the game).

I have seen hundreds of students go to college who have no interest in learning. They go because they are told they have to in order to secure personal success and financial stability.

So many of these students fail classes, destroy their GPA, don’t graduate, take out a ton of loans, etc… There are so many people with college degrees working in food service, retail, “hospitality”, etc… and none of them really needed a college degree at all. Yet they have one, they paid a ton for it, and now have to pay all those loans back for something they aren’t using.

And I get it. No time learning is time wasted. I truly believe that. But you don’t need to be in college to learn. If you major in physics but refuse to leave your town of 20,000 people and have no interest in teaching, it doesn’t matter if you got a 4.0, you’ll be working slinging pizzas regardless.”

8. It’s entertainment.

“Gaming for a few hours straight.

If you enjoy doing it and don’t neglect your life, there really is no difference to binge watching something or reading a book.”

9. There are benefits.

“Using a credit card.

If you’re sensible and ensure it’s paid off at the end of every month, there are many perks.

Cash back, air miles etc”

10. I’m good.


I not only don’t need an exciting life, I actively don’t want one. One of my friends loves to travel and do crazy sh*t – scuba diving, swimming with sharks, going on days long backpacking trips…. not at all for me.

She cannot fathom the fact I don’t care for travel.”

11. We all fail at some point.


I worked for a white-collar criminal defense firm for many years. Many of our clients would have saved themselves from criminal charges merely by letting their businesses fail.

I believe that knowing how to fail should be taught as part of MBA programs.”

12. Talk it out.

“The stigma behind talking about your pay with fellow coworkers.

In the US it is legal.

By talking about your wages you help ensure you and co workers are being paid fairly.”

13. Works for some.

“Being single.

And being okay with being single and not constantly looking for a relationship.”

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