Marijuana Tampons Are a Thing Now — Get Rid of Those Period Cramps


Ladies! It’s true. Marijuana tampons are now a thing!

A company called Fiora has created “cannabis vaginal suppositories” for women dealing with the pain of period cramps, and they are finally available to the public.

These cannabis-laced tampons contain THC and CBD (two main active cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana), which help relieve pain, release happy chemicals to the brain, and relax muscles and nerves.

Many women who have already tried them are saying they’ve helped with the awful terror that is having your period.

Admittedly (and understandably), these marijuana tampons are not super easy to get your hands on. To purchase them, you first have to join Fiora’s collective—and depending on what state you live in, you might need to submit an application along with a physician’s recommendation letter.

They’re not cheap, either. A pack of four will cost you $44 (that’s $11 per tampon if you’re too baked to do math).

But hey, it might be worth it if it means not being confined to the fetal position for a week every month.