Couple’s Disastrous Gender Reveal Party Ends With A Plane Crash

Photo Credit: iStock

Gender reveal parties are seriously getting out of hand, and this hard-to-believe story about a gender reveal party that ended with a plane crash is proof.

A couple in Turkey, Texas, rented a crop-duster plane and pilot for their over-the-top gender reveal party. The plan was for the plane to fly over the guests and drop pink water — for a girl, duh! The water would turn into pink mist and float all over the guests. And even we can admit the Instagram photos would have been pretty amazing…if the plane hadn’t, uh, crashed.

Photo Credit: iStock

The plane stalled out after dumping its 350 gallons of pink water, possibly due to a shock to its system. It was going “too slow,” CNN reports, and subsequently crashed into the ground. Luckily, it was flying at low altitude for the stunt — but still, a plane crash is a plane crash.

One passenger on the plane had minor injuries, but the pilot made it out without a scratch. The plane was apparently designed to carry only one person, so it’s not clear why there was a passenger in the first place.

Photo Credit: iStock

This disaster is just one in a long string of gender reveal parties gone horribly wrong. One led to a wildfire, while another resulted in an accidental pipe bomb that exploded and killed a grandmother.

All this, despite the inventor of gender reveal parties literally begging people to stop the madness!

Let’s stop, shall we?