Did Mom Go Too Far Getting Teacher Fired Over Some “Stupid Snacks”?

Anytime I see an Ask Reddit that starts with a question about getting someone fired, I’m always ready to pull out my a$$hole card. Times are tough, and no matter what went down, getting someone fired sounds like a Karen move.

We’re gonna hear this woman out, though, because it involves her daughter with diabetes, so there’s bound to be some special circumstances, yeah?

Because of the diabetes, her daughter has a 504 with the school district, which basically means that special allowance and accommodations need to be made in order for her to be able to learn with her peers.

My (47F) daughter (13F) is type 1 diabetic and sometimes hypoglycemic.

Due to this, we set up a 504 that says she can eat a snack in class whenever needed, along with other accommodations.

All was fine until the daughter had a hypoglycemic episode in class and needed to have a snack to correct it.

She nearly passed out before her teacher allowed her to eat one, and so the mother thought a conversation was in order.

Anyways, at one point one of her teachers, who is apparently a new teacher, denies her a snack while hypoglycemic. She nearly passes out but in the next class she is in, the teacher has enough common sense to let her eat a snack before passing out at school.

When she told me, I immediately called the teacher.

The conversation didn’t go all that well, with the teacher insisting that snacks weren’t allowed in class and the mother pointing out that it’s a violation to ignore the 504 that’s in place.

The mom told the teacher that if it happened again she would have to elevate the issue.

When she called back, I lectured her and told her that she needed to let my daughter eat a snack when needed.

She says snacks aren’t allowed in class but I tell her that due to my daughter’s 504 she is legally required to give my daughter an exception to that rule, and recommended she give it another read.

Before hanging up, I tell her that if she does this again I will contact the principal and let him know. I recorded this call on my husband’s phone by the way.

Spoiler alert, it happened again. The principal was brought in on the matter.

A month goes by and the same thing happens again. I request a meeting with the principal and my husband plays back the call between me and the teacher.

I tell him she has done this twice and needs to have a talk with her.

It wasn’t until OP ran into the teacher at Publix that she realized the woman had been fired over ADA violations.

The teacher blamed OP for getting her fired over a “stupid snack.”

Turns out, he actually fired her for ADA violations. How do I know? I ran into her at publix. She told me that it’s my fault I got her fired over “some stupid snacks” and I need to stop raising an entitled brat.

Instead of arguing back I just walked away. Was I really TA? Did I actually go too far?

OP is wondering if she went too far and should have given the teacher another chance.

Reddit is weighing in below!

The consensus is that the teacher got herself fired, and OP should not feel guilty for bring a broken law to the principal’s attention.

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Honestly, she doesn’t sound like the sort of woman who should be teaching, anyway.

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Teachers are not 100% always right.

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It really is pretty galling when you think about it that way.

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If anything, OP didn’t go far enough.

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Y’all, good teachers are wonderful but like any profession, there are those there who really don’t belong in it to begin with – so never feel badly standing up for your child.

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