This Woman Feels Guilty About a Co-Worker Possibly Get Fired. Is She Wrong?

It still blows my mind when I hear stories about how inappropriately some folks act at work.

And here’s another story that will make you scratch your head.

A woman shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page because she’s now worried that a coworker might get fired for his actions.

Read on to see what happened.

AITA A colleague sent weird messages through a work chat and is now getting removed and possibly fired?

“Please don’t repost this anywhere.

We recently got a work chat service and Colleague (C) [M30s] messaged me [F20s] on it.

The conversation started out simply enough and he wanted some of my advice on a project. I gave him it, thought that was the end of it. There are some members of the team that are LGBT and he asked if I was. I confirmed that I’m bi.

He then started asking me if I’ve ever had a relationship with a woman/ if I’ve had threesomes. I asked a few times for him to stop as I started feeling really uncomfortable, but he kept asking.

Finally, I stopped answering his messages and reported him to the channel admins and my boss.

Now it’s possible that he’s been removed from the company and he’s been removed from using any work channels.

My friends say I’m not the AH but I feel incredibly guilty for possibly helping someone losing their job whilst we’re still in a pandemic. AITA?

Also I do have autism so I’m not good at navigating social situations, so I think that I may have overreacted.”

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