Did This Coworker Go Too Far In Diminishing Her Friend’s Birth Experience?

If there’s one thing I think is definitely true, it’s that you can never understand the transformation that happens when you have kids until you have kids of your own. You just can’t.

It’s not good or bad, it just is.

You also can’t fully grasp the concept of how fully immersed you become in your new baby’s world if you haven’t dived in headfirst yourself – like sure, you talk about the baby and motherhood a lot, but listen. You literally don’t have anything else to talk about anymore.

This woman had her first baby a couple of months previously, and has been nattering on about her experience ever since.

So there’s this woman I work with who gave birth 2 months ago and she’s constantly bragging about it. I’m not kidding you when I say she talks about her pregnancy experience and her newborn every single day.

Recently, she was talking about it yet again (how dare), when OP snapped and informed her (supposedly as a joke) that “dogs can give birth, too.”

Shockingly, the woman did not find it funny.

 The other day she was (once again) talking about how many hours she was in labor and how hard it is being a mom, and I jokingly said “You know, a dog can give birth too.”

She didn’t find it funny at all and she has given me the cold shoulder for the past couple of days.

OP feels “kinda bad” and wants to know if she’s wrong for wanting to talk about something else.

I kinda feel bad about it, but I just got tired of it.

I’m a woman too if that makes it any better.


Y’all, brace yourselves for Reddit’s responses.

The top comment points out something else dogs can do, and votes YTA.

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This woman is hurting no one. She just wants to talk about her life.

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And yes, if you noted the “two months” thing, you’re not alone.

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Also, it is objectively a big deal.

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If you haven’t done it, you don’t get to decide how long a person can talk about it.

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I hope this woman apologized, but it won’t be until (if) she has a child of her own one day that she’ll get why she had to.

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