Did This Guy Act Like a Jerk for Blocking in the Person Who Kept Stealing His Parking Space? People Responded.

Parking wars can sometimes get a little out of control, don’t you think?

Someone steals your spot, then you block THAT person in, and suddenly it turns into a whole thing…

Check out this story of a parking battle gone awry from Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page and keep on reading to see how readers reacted.

AITA for blocking someone in after they took my parking space again?

“In our apartment we’re only given one specific parking space.

It’s been a challenge since both my wife and I have separate cars and finding parking on the street can be a mission sometimes. Usually whichever one of us gets home first parks their car on the street so that the other can park inside since evening is when it gets full.

For the past couple of months our landlady’s girlfriend has been coming over and keeps using our parking space. And only ours for some reason. Several times we’ve had to come knocking at our landlady’s door to move her girlfriend’s car and she’d apologize to us.

The girlfriend always acts like she’s doing us this huge favor when we ask her to move. We both have talked about this problem to our landlady and she promises it won’t happen again. Last Friday my wife was out of town for the weekend. I came home around 10 pm. I was exhausted, just finished working a 12 hr shift and wanted to get home. Guess who was parked in our d**n spot again? It was late so cars were already parked all over the street.

This time I said f**k it and parked right behind her. I didn’t have the energy to go knocking at her door and wait for her to move her car, sometimes they don’t even answer. I wouldn’t be blocking anyone else, just her from being able to pull out. Then I went to bed. Well the following morning when I stepped out to water my grass her girlfriend came at me for making her miss her shift at work.

She said she was knocking on my door for a long time before because she needed to leave and couldn’t. Called me immature and petty when I simply could’ve gone to her to move her car. I reminded her she shouldn’t be parking there in the first place and she left mad.

My landlady again apologized and promised to make sure her girlfriend didn’t do that again, but now she’s not talking to my wife and they’re usually friendly with eachother. My wife’s not happy with me that I did that. Instead of creating conflict I could’ve tried to find parking in the street or asked them to move like I usually do.

But this time I got fed up and don’t have the energy for it.

Was I an a**hole?”

How did folks respond…? Let’s take a look!

This reader argued that the landlady doesn’t care about this person’s parking spot. AT ALL.

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Another Reddit user could relate to this man’s story…and they got some good revenge, too.

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Another individual said that he should just go ahead and get the car towed next time.

Problem solved!

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Finally, this person said that the landlady’s girlfriend needs to show some respect. This is the landlady’s job, after all.

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