Did This Guy Go Too Far In Defending His Wife?

It’s always honorable to have the backs of the people we love, and to stand up for them if and when they need a strong backing.

That said, obviously there are times and ways we go too far in defending our people, which is what this guy is wondering if he’s done here.

His wife is a self-described “fuzzy,” meaning that a combination of genetics and hormones cause her to have more body hair than average for a female.

We’re not here to get into a discussion about how dumb it is that women are made to think hairless is the “appropriate” way to go, but suffice to say, this woman was bullied as a child and has recently made peace with it.

She’s forgone shaving and other treatments that caused her pain, and is able to joke about her “fur” with those close to her.

So my(40m) wife(34f) is (in her words) a furball. She is very fair skin and has VERY thick and dark body hair all over. partially due to genetics and partially due to a hormone issue.

She was teased horribly through her life for it and it caused a ton of mental anguish for her. Her skin is also super sensitive so shaving caused horrible rashes. She used to spend HOURS shaving/waxing/using chemicals ext.

As she got older she became more comfortable in her own skin and she just goes fairly natural now, which I will admit, as she will, is pretty fuzzy. We joke about it and she will joke about it with close friends as well. It is kind of her way of taking her power back over it.

Recently they were at one of those friend’s houses when the group decided to take a dip in the hot tub. OP’s wife asked to borrow shorts and a tank top, but when she emerged in them, the one new person at the party – the friend and host’s new boyfriend – stuck his foot in his mouth.


We were at a friend’s (Kelly 36f) for game night last week and after the girls wanted to get in the hot tub.

My wife asked Kelly to borrow some shorts and a tank top. She hadn’t shaved her legs in months, and when she came out Kelly’s new bf (Chad mid 30s m) started laughing and said “Damn! Your harrier than a f****g man! WTF?!?!” Then started laughing.

My wife said someone along the lines of “more man than you’ll ever be!” and laughed and they headed out to the hot tub. Chad yelled after “Your gonna clog the damn filters!”

Once we were all in the hottub he kept making jokes, referred to her a “squach” (as in sasquatch) a few times. My wife laughed it off but it was pretty obvious she (and everyone else) was getting uncomfortable with it.

When he wouldn’t let it drop, OP let him have it – to the extent that he left angry and he and the friend have argued about it since.

I told him to knock it off, as did another guy who was there. He said “oh come on, it’s funny. She should cover that sh*t up if she doesn’t want people to say something.”

I told him it is amazing how a grown man like him STILL acts like a frat boy, especially since he never even went to college. I Asked him what he was going to do if his career in fast food restaurant management didn’t work out, things like that.

He ended up getting pissed and leaving and later had a big blow up with Kelly over it.

OP is wondering whether or not he went too far or the ripping was deserved.

Kelly thinks I should have let it slide because my wife doesn’t let things like that get to her, but that is after years of therapy and body image issues. Shaving is actually pretty triggering to her which is part of why she doesn’t.

Kelly also has always been one of those types who will keep around douche bags because she is desperate to get married and start a family.

AITA for causing an argument between friend and her new bf.

Reddit’s got their opinions, as ever – let’s check them out below!

The top comment says that basically, he brought it on himself and at least everyone knows what sort of guy he is now.

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If it had only been one or two jokes, he could have let it go, but to keep going on after everyone was obviously uncomfortable – I mean, read a room.

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Dr. Pot paging Dr. Kettle.

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Stay out of women’s personal choices, all.

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Everyone thinks Kelly can do better.

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Can we all just mind our own business and learn how to read a room?

I think we’d all be a lot happier and better off if we would!