Disney Park Employees Talk About What It’s Really Like to Work There


Some jobs sound like they’d be wonderful, but once you actually start working there…well that’s another story…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at a Disney theme park? Well, now you’re about to find out.

These responses come to us from the Buzzfeed Community.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

1. Some mean guests.

“I once had a man slap me in the face because he said I hadn’t taken pictures of his son on a ride (he went three times, and I got photos every single time).

Luckily, a sheriff was nearby, and she escorted him out. I’ve also been spit on and run over with strollers — on purpose.”

2. You’ll be here forever.

“People often sprinkle the ashes of their dead loved ones throughout the Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom.

Cast members refer to it as ‘Code Grandma.'”

3. Beneath the Kingdom.

“Magic Kingdom is built on the ‘second floor.’ There’s an entire web of offices, store rooms, break rooms, and a cafeteria underneath it.”

4. That’s interesting.

“Mickey Mouse is usually played by a female cast member. Casting is based on height, so many female cast members often play shorter characters like Mickey and Minnie.”

5. The guests don’t see that…

“Trash is removed via the utilidors beneath the park, so they are often dirty and smell absolutely disgusting.”

6. The Disney pecking order.

“There’s a hierarchy of cool kids based on your job as a cast member, and unsurprisingly, the princesses are at the very top.

There are also cliques and cafeteria politics you have to learn to navigate.”

7. Gender-neutral.

“If you see a cast member with a gender-neutral name tag (like Chris, Pat, or Alex), chances are they forgot to bring their own.”

8. A friend of mine.

“If a cast member says they are ‘friends with’ Goofy, Buzz, Woody, etc., it means that they dress up as those characters.”

9. Get outta there.

“When your shift ends, you have to go directly to the backstage area without stopping (unless a guest asks you a question).”

10. No tips, please.

“If someone offers a tip, we’re supposed to deny it politely three times. After that, we can accept it, but we have to let our supervisor know.”

11. Three’s the magic number.

“If you see someone fall down or get hurt in any way, you have to ask them three times if they need medical assistance.”

12. Seems pretty strict.

“When you’re working, you can’t buy food in the parks or use the guest bathrooms.

You can’t even change out of your costume to do so.”

13. Don’t want to offend anyone.

“Cast members point with two fingers, the index and the middle finger, because pointing with one finger can be offensive in some cultures.”

14. It’s rough out there in those costumes.

“Paramedics actually answer a lot of calls from cast members.

Emergencies range from cast members overheating in costumes to experiencing anxiety attacks.”

15. Let’s make some magic.

“There’s a LOT of training.

At Disney University, located behind the Magic Kingdom, we’re taught all things Disney, which can include anything from taking classes on Disney history to learning how to ‘make magic’ for the guests.”

Those responses definitely provide some good insight into a world not many of us know about.

Have you ever worked for Disney or for another theme park?

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